Appointments & Fees


Initial Consultation £55
Subsequent hypnotherapy appointments £55


Hypnotherapy Timescale

Every treatment is tailor made to suit each individual client. Below is an approximate timescale for sessions:

• 8-12 weekly sessions for stress related issues: Anxiety, depression, sleep issues.
• 3-4 weekly sessions for phobias


What to Expect in Subsequent Hypnotherapy Sessions

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and it is important to understand that change takes effort and that you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand!

The initial consultation is designed to assess what you want to achieve and how Hypnotherapy can help you. A key factor to success is the client’s understanding of how the brain works and therefore emphasis is placed on neuroscience.

In subsequent session emphasis will be placed on the progress that has been made and getting the client to focus positively on their life, looking at what has gone right rather than rehearsing the problems. The client will be encouraged to explore what their preferred future would look like and how they can move towards that positive outcome. Then the client will be gently guided into a relaxed state of hypnosis. Clients find this a very pleasurable experience.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 48 hours notice for cancellation of a session. If less than 24 hours notice is given then the full fee is payable.